Photo of Charles Hartman

Charles O. Hartman

Professor of English

Poet in Residence

Co-Director of Creative Writing

Charles Hartman, who has been publishing poetry for over three decades, teaches the poetry-writing courses in the English Department's program in creative writing:

  • English 240: Reading and Writing Poems — usually offered in both Spring and Fall semesters
  • English 340: Writing Poetry: Workshop — usually offered once each year

He directs Honors theses in the Concentration in Creative Writing in Poetry. He also regularly teaches courses on contemporary poetry, including English 306b: Recent American Poets. Sometimes he teaches courses in other fields such as English 213a: Music and Poetry, and English 213b: Bob Dylan.

And what else?

Charles Hartman plays jazz guitar, and has done critical writing on the relations between poetry and jazz and other musical forms, as well as on the prosody of free and metrical verse, on connections between poetry and computing, and on the work of a variety of modern and contemporary poets. With Wendy Battin he co-directs the Contemporary American Poetry Archive, a website at Connecticut College that houses out-of-print poetry books.

See links on this page to detailed listings of publications, as well as samples of work in poetry, in music, and in programming for language study.